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To help meet the physical needs of cancer survivors through free conditioning and strength training. 


LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA, a small-group program developed and established in partnership with the LIVESTRONG® Foundation, assists those who are living with, through, or beyond cancer to strengthen their spirit, mind and body. Recent research from the Yale Cancer Center and Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Institute confirmed that LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA participants experience improved fitness and quality of life as well as significant decreases in cancer-related fatigue.

The program has served more than 30,000 cancer survivors in more than 400 communities across the nation. It is open to adults 18 years or older at low or no cost.


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Program Details

  • 12-week program with two 90-minute sessions per week
  • Includes cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, balance, and flexibility exercises
  • Evaluation includes fitness and quality of life assessments before and after participation
  • Facilitated by YMCA-certified instructors
  • Requires referral and medical clearance from a physician
  • To learn more about LIVESTRONG® contact Lala Kozischek at (828) 324-9622 or


Criteria For Participation

  • Ask your physician to complete the LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA referral form. Download Referral Form >
  • Consult your oncologist or a hospital oncology representative before joining the program.
  • Enroll in the program by phone, email or visiting the Y.
  • Commit to attending 80% of the classes
  • Give permission for a YMCA representative to contact your physician or health care provider, if necessary



Download Medical Clearance Form >


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38,295 People Served

"To have this opportunity to rebuild my strength, endurance, and stamina through this program was exciting. It gave me back my life to interact with my wife and my son the way I wanted to." 

Daniel Parker 
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor


516 Local Branches

"I have seen participants evolve both physically and emotionally, and felt honored to not only witness, but be part of those transformations, because much to my surprise, I changed, too."

Kristin Leung
Wellness Director


2,757+ YMCA Staff Trained

"Exercise is important in that it creates a healthy lifestyle change that can help reduce chances of other diseases."

Mary Biddle-Newberry
Health and Fitness Director