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We all need the advice of an expert sometimes, as well as the personal attention that comes with a trainer or coach. The Y offers personal, semi-private and small group training to help you set and meet your specific goals in order to live healthier. Please complete the personal training interest form below to schedule your sessions.

Working out with a personal trainer will give you:

· Structure - Meeting your Personal Trainer for appointments will ensure that you stick to your exercise commitment.

· Results - Personal Trainers are educated to ensure you get results, so they help you make   the most of your time at the YMCA.

· Variety - They will keep your training interesting with different exercises and techniques to keep you on track all aimed at achieving your goals.

· Motivation - Progress means results, and seeing results helps motivate you to strive for that next level of fitness!

· Progression - As your fitness improves, your Personal Trainer will always modify your exercise to ensure maximum enjoyment and maximum results!

In short, a YMCA personal trainer helps you explore new exercise options, helps you meet your own personal goals, prepares you for your favorite sport, targets your   problem areas, keeps you motivated and designs workouts for maximum effectiveness


5 Benefits of Choosing Personal Training

  1. Work with an expert who can provide personalized service, tailored to fit your needs.
  2. Ensure your safety as you learn how to exercise smarter, not harder.
  3. Have someone who will hold you accountable and kick you into high gear.
  4. Discover exercises you would never do on your own.
  5. Build confidence and get results beyond the mirror.
Personal Training YMCA

Training Rates

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15 sessions:
30 Minute Option
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15 sessions:

Personal Training Interest Form

Ready to learn more about how a YMCA Certified Personal Trainer can help you set and reach your goals? Fill out this form, and we'll connect you with the right trainer to meet your needs.

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