Your Healthy Weight


Do you know if you are at a healthy weight?  A healthy weight a key indicator of overall health.  It can even help prevent and control diseases and conditions.  The healthier the weight the lower the risk of serious health problems, such as diabetes, heart issues, breather problems, and even some forms of cancer.

One way to help maintain a healthy weight is to watch you diet.  Everyone has a different diet and eats at different times or eats more or less of certain foods.  In order to watch what you eat you can meal plan.  This can allow you to be able to choose what you eat and when you eat it.  If you know you want sweet things, you can think of finding healthier choices so you aren’t just gorging on cookies.  Another idea is to always eat breakfast.  This helps to get your metabolism going right from the morning.

Being active is another way to help maintain your weight.  You can do this with daily exercise or finding a routine of at least a few days per week.  At the Y, we are open over 90 hours per week and offer classes, free weights, machines, swimming, and cardio.  You can find what works for you.  The important thing is to be active.  The more active you are the higher the chances you are going to maintain your healthy weight.

A final way to help control weight is through measurement.  We have so many tools we can utilize now a days.  We can use apps, and spreadsheets, and food lists.  Take advantage of all that is available to you.  Track your calories and find ways to trim if your calorie intake is getting to high.  The more you track your foods the easier it will be to see patterns and change them if you need to.

Maintaining a healthy weight is about having a plan and sticking to it.  It is not a one time choice it is a choice you make every single day.  Make today the day you start this journey of being healthy one day at a time.


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