Your Fitness Center Atmosphere Type

Have you ever walked into a fitness center and knew right away that it was going to be the perfect place for you?  Or maybe it took the opposite direction and you felt immediately that the relationship would never work?  Today there are 100’s of different gyms which means 100’s of different fitness center atmospheres.  What is your fitness center atmosphere type?  Loud, crowded, quiet, adult only, family oriented, older crowd, younger crowd.  Believe it or not…the atmosphere does make a difference!

No matter your fitness center atmosphere type, it is important that your fitness center stick to these “must have” standards.

1) Friendly Staff:  It’s hard enough some days to walk in the door, doesn’t it make it easier when you know you’ll be greeted with an energetic smile and sincere welcome?  And when the gym atmosphere type is that of “You’re family”…well all the better!

2)  Cleanliness:  It really is next to Godliness when it comes to your gym experience. has this to say, “When there are many sweaty people working out in your gym it can lead to smelly surroundings”.   If you notice odors or dirt…LET YOUR STAFF KNOW!

3)  Motivational:  Motivation comes in all sorts of ways; colors, music, lights, TV channels, furniture, etc.  Take notice the next time you go for a workout.  Is your gym atmosphere motivational?  If not…TELL YOUR STAFF!

4)  Crowd control:  Some folks like a gym that’s bubbling over with people.  This gives them an extra boost of energy and is often their social outlet.  Others like a more quiet, private feel.  They can focus on their workout  and get back to work, home for dinner or to that second job.  You’ll know rather quickly which you prefer.

These are just a few things that make up your fitness center atmosphere but the bottom line is, they should make you want to come back!  Here at the Valley Connection YMCA our atmosphere is the less crowded, “private gym” feel.  We are an Express, adult YMCA with people of all ages and backgrounds.  Our staff will take time to chat with you or offer a quick wave if we know you are in a hurry.  One member uses the word “Genuine” to describe us.   We like that!  Come visit us and see for yourself.  We just may be the your fitness center atmosphere type..

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