YMCA Programs for ALL


When you think of YMCA programs, what comes to mind?  Is it children learning to swim, adults getting healthy, families having a place to go together, or seniors regaining their health?  I am sure at least one of those thing popped in your head.  As you think about what the Y offers, it is quite amazing how many different ages and demographics the Y hits.  The Y serves more than just an individual, it serves the entire community from cradle grave.  With all the programs out there these days what makes YMCA programs different?

YMCA Programs are more than just about healthy, sports, or swimming.  In Y programs we want participants to learn much more than just a skill.  We want them to gain confidence, and understand our four  core values of caring, honest, respect, and responsibility.  It is our goal that everyone who takes a program through the Y sees those values exhibited through our staff each and every day.  We want everyone to be the best they can be through using those core values.  Those core values set us apart in our programming.  We want to have the best players we can at sports but if when they leave here all they have are the skills of a sport and not the life lessons than we failed to help them.

At the Y, we would offer programs in caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility but no one would sign up so we use our YMCA programs in order to help people get those values.  There are two things they really set up apart in program offerings.  One we serve everyone from cradle to grave.  We do not pick and choose who we serve it is our goal to serve the entire community.  The other part is the values we instill in our programs.  We want everyone to know that the Y values are values everyone should live by.  If everyone was caring, honest, respectful, and responsible what would the world look like?  At the Y we are trying to find out one program at a time.

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