YMCA Membership is a Bargain

At the Y, there are so many different items included in your membership.  The membership does not just cover the use of the fitness center only.  It covers so many other things as well.  When it comes down to it YMCA membership cost is really a bargain.  Just think about all the things you have access to at no additional cost.

With a Y membership in Catawba Valley you can use each of the three facilities.  There is one in Conover, one on Highway 70, and one in Hickory.  There are also the pools we have at the Y.  The 2 indoor, 1 outdoor, and the splash pad all are available for our members.  We are open for 90  hours each week so we can make sure we are here when you need us.  Just the facilities alone make the YMCA membership cost such a bargain.

The Y also offers some programs and services for no additional cost.  You can also take advantage of all of your group exercise classes at each of the locations.  Some of our class offerings include Zumba, kickboxing, insanity, and much more.  There is a class for every age and ability at the Y.  Each member can also use our child watch while they workout.  The child can be watched with adult supervision for 90 minutes while the parent is in the building.  The Y offers a free program to get you eased in and learning about working called coaching connection.  The coaching connection allows you to workout with a fitness coach 1 time per week for 6 weeks.  At the end you will have 6 workouts and have tried things you have only thought about it.  It is a great way to learn new exercises and find some things you really enjoy doing.

YMCA membership cost truly is a bargain, when you really think about it.  There is so much included at no additional cost.  You are not having to pay extra for everything you want to do.  You just need the one membership and then you are able to use all the items you would like to take advantage of.  Come in a join today!


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