YMCA Group Exercise

Exercise is vital in reducing risk of chronic disease, heart problems, and diabetes.  So what stops people from getting into an exercise routine?  Well there are many factors such as lack of time, lack of motivation, no one to workout with, or some people just do not see the need of exercise.  Instead of looking at why people do not exercise lets look at why people do exercise especially in YMCA group exercise classes.  There are many reasons people enjoy our classes such as atmosphere, instructors, friends, and accountability.

YMCA group exercise classes are a great way to get in shape and at the Y we have certified instructors for all of our classes.  That means they know the techniques that help make class beneficial for everyone involved.  The instructor has learned how to put together a workout that helps people reach their goals.  They have also learned how to motivate the class.  Every class at the Y, no matter how big or small features someone who has the technical knowledge and relational knowledge to make the class where you want to be.

Classes range from yoga all the way through boot camp and everything else in between.  Every class has a unique atmosphere.  For yoga, it is much more relaxing as opposed to Zumba which is a party.  The key is to find the type of class you enjoy.  The key is that each class has its own atmosphere.  No two classes will have the same.  The idea is to find a class that works best for you.  You can take as few or as many classes at no extra charge at the Y.  If all you want to do is take classes, the membership would pay for itself if you only took a couple classes a week.

The main reason people take YMCA group exercise is friends and accountability.  Everyone in that class cares for one another and they are eager to help each other.  Additionally, it builds accountability.  Everyone wonders where you are if you aren’t in class.  If you are not in a class, then people tend to reach out to check on you.  If you are having trouble getting going, then try a class today.

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