YMCA Childcare Serves All


At the YMCA of Catawba Valley, we serve families in many different ways.  One way is to serve them offering childcare services for children ages 0 to 5.  The beauty of our childcare is that YMCA childcare serves all children regardless of age, background, ethnicity, socioeconomic factors or any other factors.  It is the mission of the Y to make sure all children have a place to learn, grow, and thrive.

YMCA childcare is offered at both the Hickory Foundation YMCA and the Adrian L. Shuford Jr. YMCA.  Each center is a licensed 4 star facility with some of the best staff the area has to offer.  The staff are are put through background checks and have ongoing required training.  Every room is separated by age to allow for children to learn to interact with children their own age.  Each week the children have a theme and their activities are centered around this theme.  Also, since both facilities have pools, we incorporate that into the program as well once the children are old enough.

YMCA childcare serves all is about making sure everyone has access to affordable childcare.  It is our goal at the Y that we serve as many children as possible.  We constantly work with our local agencies to ensure families are aware of their services.  YMCA childcare really teaches the children the 4 core values of the Y, caring honesty respect and responsibility.  It is important children learn those core values to be successful in life down the road.  With fall right around the corner, you may be wondering if there is space for you child.  Spots do fill quickly and we are limited based on the size of our facilities. Call Dawn at the Shuford Y at 828-464-6130 or Diane at the Hickory Y at 828 324 2858 for availability.  They look forward to hearing from you and serving you child and family.  Remember YMCA childcare serves all in the community not just some.


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