YMCA Basketball is Here

Many people know that James Naismith began basketball in Springfield Massachusettes with peach baskets as a program for troubled youth.  Did you it was actually done at a Y gymnasium.  Without the Y there would be no basketball.  YMCA basketball has grown from 18 children in a gym to over 300 million participants worldwide.

YMCA basketball teaches so much more than just basketball.  It is not all about winning at the Y.  The focus is on skill development.  At the Y, we want every child to learn and grow each skill.  As they learn they will grow in confidence.  Our motto is that we want children to learn, grow, and thrive.  As we think about that is just as important to thrive off the court as it is on the court.  We want each child to learn the skills of basketball but we also want to give kids a chance to grow as a person as well.  The Y uses basketball as a way to do that.  Our goal is that each child develops skills for basketball while also learning a few things about caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.  Those are the core values of the Y.

YMCA basketball begins in November and sign ups have begun.  This a great chance for your child to learn the sport in a fun, safe, supportive environment.  We offer basketball for ages 3 through 18.  At the Y, there is no tryouts.  There is a skill day to help make the teams even but no one will be cut.  Also, if you have ever wanted to coach reach out to the Y now and sign up to coach.  There are also opportunities for parents to be team parents and help the coaches.  It is our goal that the entire family engages in the sport and not just the child.  Come in and sign up today.


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