Why Weight Loss is Important


Everyday you stories online of someone who has a weight loss story.  Those stories always talk about how they made lifestyle changes and what led them to do so.  They always have before and after pictures and give tips for others.  Let’s look at why weight loss is important for everyone.

One reason weight loss is important is that people want to live as long as possible.  People want to be able to spend time with grandchildren and enjoy retirement.  Losing weight can help people lengthen their lives.  The less fat people are carrying the more likely they are to be able to live a longer healthier life.  If the goal is to live as long as possible, why not do everything you can to give yourself the best chance at it.

The second reason people lose weight is disease prevention.  No one wants to have high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes.  Losing weight can help you to limit the likelihood of getting those diseases.  For every point over the recommended amount for BMI men increase their risk by 5% and women by 7%.  With people suffering from disease each and every day shouldn’t you take control and get in weight loss program today.

Finally, people lost weight so they can enjoy their life.  As people age they want to be able to do all the things they have always been able to do.  That is called having functional strength.  For many, going up and down stairs, getting in the floor with grandchildren, or just going for walk are all considered functional strength.  No one wants to just have to lay around all.  If you can lose weight and keep it off it will increase your chances and doing those things and allow you to have a better range of motion in your joints.

Weight loss is important at all ages.  If you are making healthy decisions at a younger age it has a clear effect on your health as you age.  They healthier you are at a younger age the more likely you are to not develop chronic diseases, live longer, and be able to enjoy your life as an older adult.

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