When a Fitness Program Isn’t Enough

You have the drive, the motivation, the membership, but what does it mean when a fitness program isn’t enough?  Health and fitness programs are not “one size fits all”;  what works for one may not be applicable to another.  Some find immediate success with starting a simple workout plan while others seem to never be able to lose the first pound or lower their cholesterol by the first point.

Now there are many roads that lead to finding a successful health and fitness program so it’s no wonder that you’ll come across a few obstacles on the way.  Please read one member’s story of how she found success in the world of health and fitness.

“My name is Tonya Schiefelbein.  My story began a few years back when I had continued unexplained weight gain.  I had tried watching what I ate and worked out 3 days a week for 30 minutes.  I knew something was wrong when I went for my physical and my thyroid levels were slightly abnormal.  I was told by my physician it was nothing to worry about but still I just didn’t feel very sure about it.  I continued to gain weight and actually had other symptoms to occur such as insomnia, night sweats, fatigue and much more.  Finally I decided to get a second opinion from an Endocrinologist who performed a different set of tests.  It was discovered that I actually have a thyroid disease that needed to be treated with medication.  I was also advised by this doctor to start Weight Watchers because I was not eating the right foods or the right portions and this program would help me in making healthier eating choices.  I was also told to work out five days a week for at least 30 minutes.  This was 3 years ago and now my thyroid disease is under control and no medications are needed.  I have lost over 80 pounds!  I continue to follow the weight watchers plan and now work out 6 to seven days a week, including weight training.  My wellness depends on healthier eating and exercise.  The YMCA has helped me in so many ways by offering “Coaching Connection” sessions, group exercise, lunch and learn seminars and much more.  My advice is to NOT get discouraged when a fitness program isn’t enough.  Keep searching!  Exercising is also a great way for me to relieve everyday stressors in my life.  I now feel confident in myself and have met many people and formed great friendships.”

Tonya is one of many individuals that have “hit a wall” when a fitness program isn’t enough.  GET BACK UP AND KEEP FIGHTING!!  That one missing link is there just waiting to be found.  The staff at the Valley Connection YMCA are here to talk with you about your Health and Fitness journey…we are all on  the same journey and know how important support can be!

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