What Workouts are Right for You


Did you know that not every workout is right for you?  Each person has different needs and their bodies react different to each type of exercise.  What you want to do is to find out what workouts are right for you.  It could be classes, or free weights, or machines, or cardio, or swimming.  Chances are it is a combination of multiple types.

Workouts are all about burning calories and working specific muscle groups.  A great way to burn calories is to do cardio and there so many form of cardio.  You can get on a treadmill, swim laps, do the elliptical, use the amt, row, or go outside for a walk or run.  The goal is to get your heart rate up and keep it there.  Another way to do cardio is interval training.  In interval training you get your heart rate up then bring it down and thing bring it back up at set times called intervals.  Many workouts incorporate cardio at least as a warm up if not as a main focal point.

Another form of working out is resistance training.  You can do that through machines and free weights.  In weight training you want to tone your muscles.  For many beginners the weight machines is great place to start.  With machines you can control the weight easier and target specific muscles.  Each machine has a picture to show what muscles you should be using.  If you feel it in a different place than the picture shows then you need to think about asking a wellness coach to help you to show you to use it properly.

Workouts can be done a class format as well.  The Y offers all kinds of classes from cardio classes, weight classes, yoga, pilates, and spin classes.  With the classes workouts are designed for a whole group and you can make friends and workout with others trying to reach their fitness goals.

When working out try to find a few different routines that you like.  That way you can mix it up.  Every workout should be fun and make you want to come back.  If that is not the case, then try to mix up and find some new exercises to keep it fresh.  Keep in mind you can always ask a wellness coach for some tips so you can find some exercises that keep you coming back for more.

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