What is Health and Wellness


Sometimes when you think about being healthy the only thing that comes to mind physical health.  If this was many year ago that would be what doctors would be talking about but today physicians talk about health and wellness.  Health and wellness is a full body approach.  It is not just about physical but mental and spiritual health as well.  A great way to think about health is to consider it an equilateral triangle.  Each side must be the same length or it will not be in balance.

Physical health is one side of the triangle.  This type of health is about what you eat and how active.  You have control over those two things.  The key is to find an eating plan that works for you.  You don’t have to cut things out necessarily but moderation is important.  Think about having a well balanced plan that encompasses many fruits and vegetables.  As for being active, find a routine that works for you.  The goal is be as active as possible.  Whether that is going for walks, taking a class, swimming, or lifting weights.

Spiritual health is another side of the health and wellness triangle.  Spiritual health can mean meany different things.  It can time spent in a spiritual text, time in meditation, or doing anything spiritual.  Many people consider yoga a spiritual exercise.  The key is find what spiritual health means to you.

The final side of the triangle is mental health.  It is important to realize what charges you mentally.  For each person it is different.  It could be reading, talking with a friend, or just doing a relaxing activity.

Health and wellness is a triangle can help balance your life.  When one side is not equal the body struggles. If you find that your triangle is out of balance try to find out what side is struggling or being overused and figure out a way to work on that.  The important thing to remember is that total health needs all 3 areas to be successful not just one or two.

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