What is a YMCA

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What is a YMCA?  So many people think a Y is fitness center, or a place to swim, or a place to play basketball.  In reality though the Y is so much more than that.  The Y is designed to meet the needs of the community it serves.  Every Y is different so it can serve the unique needs of a community.

Many Y’s across the country have fitness equipment and pools but some do not have either.  The beauty of the Y is that it can serve the needs of a community through specific programming and services.  For instance, some Y’s are only an outlet for teens or just serve as a site for childcare services.  Those are the needs of that community and it is the Y’s job to meet those needs.  The beauty of the Y is that if you have seen one Y than you have seen one Y.

What is a YMCA?  The Y is also a melting pot of the community.  If you go into any Y you will see a microcosm of what the community is.  You will see different ages, abilities, backgrounds, and yet they are all in the same place at the same.  It is one of very few places you can go and see people talking to each other who otherwise would never be in the same place.  The next time you come into the Y see how many different people are there interacting.  You will not see it anywhere else.

The next time someone asks you what is a YMCA?  Now you can tell them that the Y is so much more than just our programs and services.  We are a leader in the community and strive each day to work better communities.  We are a place that is open to all and all are welcome.  We are not just 4 walls with exercise equipment, but rather a place for all to come and learn, grown, and thrive.

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