What is a YMCA Membership?

GetImageHow many times have you heard someone call a YMCA membership a gym membership?  It happens all the time.  People have this preconceived notion that the Y is just like every other gym out there.  In reality though the Y is so much more and it is not a gym at all.  Gyms are singularly focused where the Y is a much more than that.  YMCA membership is about being about something much bigger than a gym.  It is about being part of a cause and that cause is strengthening community.

I am sure you are thinking well I come to the Y to exercise so that makes it a gym.  In reality a place to workout and get healthy is just one way the Y works to strengthen community.  The Y offers so much more like a safe place for children in our child day centers, sports to teach kids to be on a team and how to work together, or even life skills through swim lessons.  Those are just a few of the ways the Y works each day to strengthen community.

YMCA membership is not just about you it is about the whole community.  The community needs a place where children can go and learn and be safe.  It also needs a place for people to get healthy and learn what it takes to be healthy for the long term.  The goal of the Y is to make the community the better not just adult individuals.  The Y is here to serve the community and meet the needs of its members.  If the Y was just a gym we wouldn’t help those who can’t afford our services or offer a place for children to go while there parents work out.  If you want to be healthy and see what it looks like to be part of something more than a gym, then come in and join today and become part of a cause not just a gym.

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