Wellness for Cancer Survivors

Every year millions of Americans are diagnosed with cancer.  Cancer can effect anyone no matter your age, race, or fitness level.  It is hard to find someone whose life has not been effected by cancer.  You may not realize this but cancer is the leading cause of death in Catawba County.  

In order to combat cancer the YMCA of Catawba Valley is partnering with the LiveSTRONG foundation to help cancer survivors in the area.  A survivor is anyone who has been diagnosed.  It could be someone pre treatment, post treatment, or in the middle of treatment.  It does not matter where someone is in their cancer journey.  It only matters that they want to be healthy now.

This program is called LiveSTRONG at the YMCA and is an evidence based program for those fighting cancer.  It does not matter what kind of cancer, only that a person has been diagnosed with cancer.  This program is designed to help cancer survivors regain their health.  The goal is that each person find their normal again.  When you someone has or is going through cancer the need for physical exercise is so important.  This program is designed to be a holistic approach to health.  Participants will learn to how to be more physically active and also learn from each others experiences.

LiveSTRONG at the YMCA is a 12 week program where cancer survivors come to the Y and workout together two times per week for 90 minutes.  Within those 90 minutes people will do cardio, strength training, and spend time reflecting on their journey with cancer.  Each session will have 6 – 12 participants of all ages and abilities.  If you think you want regain your health stop by the Adrian L. Shuford Jr. YMCA and find out more about this program.  This program will be launching in late February with our pilot class.  If you know of people who might benefit from this please share this information or reach out to us for them.


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