Wellness at the YMCA


8 out of 10 people come to the Y wanting to get physically fit.  Wellness at the Y starts with you the individual.  You are making a commitment to get here and do what you need you to do to feel better.  Whether that is losing weight, lowering blood pressure, fighting off prediabetes, or just wanting to gain confidence, the Y is here to help.  We have the tool to help you succeed.

One common wellness at the YMCA tool is using coaching connection.  Coaching connection is a way for you to learn how to use all of the equipment on the fitness floor and expose you to different kinds of workouts.  It is not a fitness orientation but rather a way to get people started in the right direction.  Every week for 6 weeks you will meet with a fitness coach and they will expose you to everything from free weights, to cardio, to group classes, to machines and also to different types of workouts.  This is great way to find out what you like and what you don’t, so you can choose things that will keep you coming back for more.

Another tool is personal training which is available to all members seeking more individualized workouts.  A certified trainer will design each workout for you to maximize results.  This plan can target weak areas and help reach a specific goal.  Personal trainers at the Y are all certified and we match you up based on what goals you are trying to achieve.  Packages can start at one session and go all the way up to 27 sessions.  If you need to get started or need someone for the long haul just come in and sign up for it and we will get you going.

A great way to stay motivated to workout is to workout with friends.  At the Y, you can do this by going to a group exercise class.  We have everything from Zumba, to yoga, to kickboxing, and so much more.  All of our classes are open to all ages and abilities and we know we have a class you will love.  Classes are great way to meet people and stay motivated.  For a list of classes visit our website at www.ymcacv.org.

Wellness at the Y is all about helping you meet your goals.  We can’t set your goals but we can help you achieve them.  It is our goal that all the members of the Y are healthy and active.  Let us know what your goal is today so we can help you achieve the results you want today.

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