Use Habits to Lose Weight


Habits are formed everyday through the choices each person makes.  You can make good habits or habits but the reality is every choice you make is forming a habit.  It takes days, weeks, and even months to form some habits.  If you want to lose weight, forming habits is a great way to do that.  The great thing about habits is that they don’t have to be big habits.  They can be small ones.  Every habit makes a difference and once you get one you will want more.

One habit you might form is exercising daily.  It will take time to get your habit to be second nature.  You might start with a simple goal to exercise twice a week.  Once that becomes routine you add more days til you do it everyday without even thinking about it.  Another habit to lose weight is eating fruits and vegetables everyday.  This habit will require you to find ones that you like to eat and also to have a variety of them so you don’t get sick of them.  When you start forming multiple habits in your wellness journey you will be surprised just how quickly you begin to lose weight.

Once habits are formed they are difficult to break.  You feel bad or even weird if you don’t do what your habit it is.  Think about a habit like brushing your teeth.  If you don’t do that in the morning people tend to feel gross because that is their habit.  The more healthy habits you have the quicker you will lose weight.  Every time you form a healthy habit you are more like to find another one.  They build on each other and in the long run make a lifestyle change.  Getting healthy is not about a fad but rather forming a new lifestyle to get healthy.  Start today and form your first habit and before you know you will have many many more.

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