The Y: Not Just a Fitness Gym


Nowadays you see a fitness gym on every corner.  There is a gym that focuses on a particular group of people.  Those gyms focus on just getting get people in physical shape.  They aren’t worried about the individual as long as they are paying to use the facility.  At the Y, we care about more than just your physical health and that is why the Y is not just a fitness gym.

The Y is so much more than that.  At the Y, our staff cares about much more than just whether you are paying to be here.  We care about you meeting you goals whether they are physical health goals, completing a 5k, or just being more active in general.  The Y is not just about getting healthy.

We pride ourselves in our 3 areas of focus, youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.  Youth development is all about getting children to learn, grow, and thrive.  Our goal is that is each child have a safe place to go when growing up.  We want every child to learn to be a good teammate through youth sports and how to swim through swim lessons.  It is important that kids also have a chance to socialize with other children and at the Y you do that too.  Healthy living is about total health.  That is health in spirit, mind, and body.  If you notice body is last.  That is because we want you to be healthy from the inside out and not the outside in.  Finally there is social responsibility.  With social responsibility it is all about changing society.  It can be simple things like having healthy options in our facilities or teaching the community to swim through programs like swim safe.  It is our goal to help eliminate drowning in Catawba County.

As you can see the Y is much more than just a fitness gym.  The Y is a cause and our cause is strengthening community through our areas of focus.  The goal of the Y, is to serve the community through a wide range of programs and services to help the community develop.  We may have a place to workout but in reality we are so much more than just that.

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