Swim Lessons at the Y


Every year children all over the country, state, and even right here in Catawba Valley drown.  As the Y continues to focus on serving the community drowning prevention is a top priority.  It is our goal that each child learn to swim through our group swim lessons at the Y.  We have swim lessons for all ages and abilities.  Swim lessons at the Y teach more than just swimming though.  They teach kids to socialize with other children, how to be safe in and around water, and a sense of accomplishment as each skill is learned and mastered.

Our offering of swim lessons starts as early as 6 months and goes through adults.  Each class is separated by age and ability.  This ensures children and adults are given the best chance to succeed.  Swim lessons at the Y are the best way to learn to swim.  Each class has no more than 5 participants so the classes are small in order to give each child opportunities to learn each skill.  With swim lessons at the Y, you will notice it is progressive swim lesson.  This approach allows each lesson to be more challenging than the last.  Each lesson builds on the one before it and therefore helps the child to learn in a manner conducive for mastering skills.  Swim lessons at the Y are offered year around.  You will have the option of enrolling in lessons each season of the year.  With lessons offered most days and nights of the week, you are sure to find a class that fits your schedule.  If our times don’t work for you then find a time that does and get some friends and we will create a class that does fit your schedule.  Children learning to swim and being safe in and around water is a top priority and will continue to be as we nurture the potential in every child.  Stop by and join a swim lesson class today!


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