Swim Lessons at the Y ALL Year

swim-lessons-headerWhen are people’s mind set going to change about swim lessons?  The mind set that needs to change is that swim lessons are a summer thing.  In reality the likelihood of learning to swim by only taking lessons in the summer is just not realistic.  Swim lessons take months to learn and the more consistent with having kids in lessons the better.  The goal of lessons is for kids to learn to swim and that just can not happen overnight.  Swim Lessons at the Y are offered all throughout the Y.

At the Y, we want every child to learn to swim and be safe in and around water.  The only way to do that is to have kids swimming all throughout the year.  That is the swim lessons at the Y are offered every month of the year.  You can have any level of lesson you need whenever you need it.  The important thing to remember is that to learn to swim you have to take more than one session.  You have to commit to coming to the pool and practicing what you are learning.  The more time spent in the water the faster a child is going to learn to swim.  What would it look like if every child in Catawba County could swim?

Swimming is a lifetime sport meaning it can be done your entire lifetime.  Each day we see swimmers come to the Y to exercise.  Swimming is a full body exercise that works each of your muscle groups.  Many swimmers remember getting swim lessons at the Y as a child.  That is where they developed their love of swimming and it is still a big part of their life today.  Swimming may start as a child but it develops into being much more than that.  Come try out our swim lessons today.

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