Say Bye to the Diet


A diet is nothing more than a fad.  It is something people use short term in order to lose weight quickly.  At the Y we want you to say goodbye to a diet and hello to lifestyle change.  Lifestyle changes are changes that are made the long term.  If you want to lose weight then making changes for the long term is the way to do it.

Diets all have some things common.  For one diets for you to plan what you are going to eat.  Meal planning is key to every diet.  In order to stick to the plan you have follow every part of it.  You can not just pick and choose what works for you.  Another similarity is that when the phase of dieting is over for you, then you tend to gain weight.  It is not a plan for long term success.  It works for a while then you make a few choices that aren’t on the plan and the weight comes back.  Then the frustration sets in and you have to decide go back on it, try something new, or just give up.

At the Y, say goodbye to the diet.  We want you to make a lifestyle change.  That means we want you workout in a variety of different ways.  Try some classes, free weighs, cardio, swimming, and anything else we offer.  Also, try to eat a healthier diet.  Do not limit your food groups but rather think of doing things in moderation.  Try to eat a more colorful foods and eat smaller portions.  This will allow you to find things you not overeat.  Making a lifestyle change will make the weight loss a reality for a lifetime and not just a short time.  Losing weight is not about getting ready for beach season.  It is about being healthy for your lifetime.

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