Partners in Corporate Wellness


Every company wants to have a healthier workforce.  That is the goal of every corporate wellness program.  If they have people miss less time at work than the company can produce more profits.  The Y partners with businesses all through out Catawba County to help companies have a healthier workforce.  We partner through memberships and through getting people more active through our actipeds.

One way the Y partners with businesses is through our corporate memberships.  This programs gives businesses the chance have employees come to the Y to workout.  Each company sets up how they want it to work and the Y has those people come in and be members.  Many companies require that they use the facility a certain amount of times per week in order to get a discounted rate.  The corporation is pushing the individual to workout which helps the company.  Partnerships are a great way to companies to enact a corporate wellness program.

Another way many business are getting people more active is through partnering with the Y to help get their employees moving with an actiped.  The actiped measures your steps and can pick up steps even on an elliptical and spin bike.  The goal is that the more steps employees are taking the healthier they will be.  They can set goals for each of their staff to push them to take more steps.  Many companies add incentives in order to push employees to do more.

As you can see the Y is partner when it comes to providing corporate wellness.  Every business has the chance to participate.  If you have a business that is interested in getting a healthier workforce contact the YMCA of Catawba Valley.  We are eager and ready to help your business get healthy so join us in our effort to get everyone healthier.

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