Not Just a Fitness Center


Every year another fitness center opens and more and more close down. So what makes the Y so sustainable through the years? The reality is that the Y is not just a fitness center it is so much more. We offer programs for all ages from infants through seniors. For the smallest of children we offer full day childcare services in a licensed 4 star facility. We also offer the chance for parents to bring their children and leave them with staff while they workout at no additional cost while they work out here at the Y.

Small children under the age of 3 also can be enrolled in our parent child swim lessons. These lessons are designed to get kids comfortable with the pool. As children turn 3 the opportunities expand for them. The have the chance to sign up for sports like soccer and t-ball. Once they get a bit older then they can try basketball, flag football, and volleyball. Every season has a sport for the children and of course swim lessons are available too. Once a child turns 10 they can take kids fit which will allow kids to learn to use the fitness center in a safe proper way. As they get older they are allowed to use more of the center until they gain full access. Once that happens they have chance to take group exercise classes, use the basketball gym, or just workout on their own. The great thing about the Y is that is it for the whole family. The family can do things together and also have a chance for each person to do what they enjoy. Families can do swimming, working out, and playing basketball together or have one person doing each all at once. The Y fitness centers also offer chances for seniors. We have classes designed just for them so no one is ever too old to use the Y. The offers so much that it is much more than just a fitness center.

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