More Than A Gym Membership


So many people think when they join the Y that they are getting a gym membership.  In reality they are getting so much more.  They get a place for the whole family and not just part of one.  The Y serves the family from cradle to grave and everywhere in between.  At the Y, we are more than a gym, we are a cause.

The Y truly is a cause.  The mission of the Y is strengthen community.  We do that by being more than a gym membership.  It is our goal that each member who comes in reaches their goals in spirit, mind, and body.  For some, it could connecting with people their own age so they can have a social outlet.  For others it might be a meeting a wellness goal.  Some people just need a safe place for their child to be while they are at work.  The Y does all those things and then some.  If you think the Y is a gym, come see everything else we have to offer.

A gym membership is just a place to work out.  At the Y, we offer so much more than just that.  We offer a place for children to learn, grow, and thrive.  There are also opportunities to learn to play sports and learn skills like swimming.  Many Y’s do have gyms to work out but at the Y you can do much more than that.  Some Y’s are nothing more than a place for teens or a childcare center.  Those are the needs of that particular community.  Other Y’s are a resident camp for people to experience new things and make new friendships.  The beauty of the Y is that if you have seen one Y then that’s all you have seen.  Each Y is different and serves the community differently.

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