Mix Up Your Workouts


Do you want to stick to coming to the Y?  The best way to do that is to be willing to mix up your workouts.  Keeping your body guessing what you are going to do is a great way to get healthy.  Also mentally it helps you stay out of the workout rut.  People who workout doing the same thing over and over and far more likely not to stick with it.

To mix up your workouts think about all the different kinds of workouts you can do.  There is cardio, free weights, weight machines, classes, swimming, sports, or water aerobics to name a few.  Think about how you might do more than one kind of exercise the next time you come to the Y.  You can mix it up however you choose.  There is not limit to how many different kinds of exercise you should do when you come to the Y.  The only recommendation would be do what you enjoy and always be willing to try something new.  You never want to get a rut when it comes to working out because that is when people begin to stop coming in.

A great way to mix it up is try different classes.  We have classes are varying degrees of difficulty and style.  You could take a spin class, zumba, kickboxing, yoga, or pilates.  Each one offers a different kind of workout and each one gives you different benefits.  Pilates and yoga offer benefits of physical and mental health.  Zumba tends be a fun exciting dance workout and spin classes are all about pushing yourself on the bike to see what you can do.

Mixing it up will keep you body guessing and help to burn more calories.  It will also keep you wanting to come back to exercise.  Workouts should be challenging and fun.  They should also make you want to come back for me.  The next time you are try something you have never done before and see how it goes.  If you like it do it again and if you didn’t try something else the next time.

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