Learning to Swim at the Y


Learning to swim is much more than just being able to pass a swim test.  There is a difference in being able to swim and being a swimmer and the Y can help you be the swimmer you have always wanted to be.  The goal in Y group swim lessons is to teach more than just how to swim.  We teach water safety, so children know how to be safe in and around water too.  Being that many pools are unguarded such as at hotels, it is vital that each child know how to be safe in and around the water.  

Children are learning to swim at the Y everyday and all year round.  We offer swim lessons for all ages and abilities all through out the year.  There is not bad time to learn how to swim.  The key is to understand a few things about swim lessons.  For one the more often your child is in the water the more likely they are to learn to swim.  Bring your child between lessons for extra practice.  Learning to swim takes time as well.  Your child is not going to from a non swimmer to a swimmer overnight or even in just one session of lessons.  It takes time and practice to develop the skills needed to be a strong swimmer.

Remember that swimming is not just a summer activity.  Children need to be learning to swim all year round.  One way you can do that is enroll your child into our swim lessons in the winter one session.  If you do that than you receive winter two at no additional cost.  That means you will receive two session for the price of one.  It also it a great way to start the year.  Start children in swim lessons in January and make this the year they learn to swim.  Stop by your local YMCA of Catawba Valley branch today and sign up.

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