How to Make Healthy Choices


When you look in a gym do you see healthier people and wonder how do people get healthy?  For many it is all about making the right choices.  It is choosing this over that.  It is choosing a salad over something fried.  How do people make these choices?

If your goal is get healthier it is all about one thing lifestyle changes.  Lifestyle changes are choices that you make every day in your wellness journey.  The key is to make those healthy choices each day and not just one day.  Everyday you make a healthy choice you are moving in the right direction.  One good way to do that is to start by make a few better choices each day.  As you get good at that you can always add more to it each day.

Everyday you have choices to make.  They can be things like whether or not to eat breakfast, or what to eat for breakfast, or whether to go through a drive through.  Do not try to change everything in one day.  Start small and each day build on the success from the day before.  For instance, make a choice to have breakfast every day.  Once that is a habit start having a healthier breakfast each day.  Before you know your days will be off to a great start.  Then you can start making other choices to keep you moving in the right direction.

Life is full of choices.  Some choices are easier than others to make.  The key is find a starting point.  A wellness journey begins with one choice that then leads to other choices.  The goal is not be become healthy overnight. It is to have good health for a lifetime.  The sooner you start the sooner your body will become more healthier.  That in turn will lead to longevity and hopefully fewer chronic diseases.  Remember you only have to make one healthy choice today.  Then you build on it day after day until the choices are second nature.

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