Healthy Living at the Y


Healthy living at the Y is all about how we can help you to meet your goals.  No matter the goal the Y is always here to help you reach it.  Every goal is different and every goal needs different support to be achieved.  At the Y we offer many different ways for you to be able to reach your goals.  It could be through coaching connection, personal training, group exercise classes, massage therapy, water aerobics, or so much more.  

Healthy living at the Y always starts with you having a goal.  Then it is job of the Y to get you the tools you need to make this goal a reality.  One way we do that is coaching connection.  Coaching connection is a great way to get started and build the habit of coming into the Y.  It is included in your membership at no additional cost, and it gives 6 sessions with a fitness coach to get exposed to many different kinds of exercise to find what works for you.  When you complete it you will have 6 workouts already made up for you.  If you need a more intense option, then personal training is the way to go.  Personal training will allow a trainer to design a program specifically for you so you can meet your fitness goals.

Many people at the Y enjoy our group classes.  They are great way to get in shape in fun atmosphere.  The classes are designed to have people workout together so everyone can work towards their goal.  Group classes allow you to not feel alone as you go through your workout.  You will be sweating it out with others so everyone can achieve more.  A great way to relax is through massage therapy.  This is great if you are sore or just need to relax.  Massages will help relax the body and the mind to help you be ready for another workout or whatever you are doing when you leave here.

Healthy Living at the Y is can be whatever you need it to be.  The beauty of it, is that it can be tailored to you.  Not everyone uses every single kind of workout or workout equipment at the Y but you can use what works best for you.  If it is classes, working out on your own, or with a trainer we have it all.  Come in today and give it a shot.

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