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Should you get health screenings?

The YMCA has three areas of focus: youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Widely recognized as a gym, we constantly work to ensure that our community and members know we are so much more!

Beyond providing a space for you to improve your health, we also want to provide services that allow you to assess your health. On March 6th the Hickory Foundation partnered with Frye Regional Hospital to host a Community Health Fair. Fifty-Five people showed up to receive free health screenings. The Health Fair offered glucose finger sticks, total cholesterol measurements, body fat and BMI testing, blood pressure readings, mammograms, vein education, diabetic foot inspections, stroke risk analysis, and information on YMCA chronic disease programs. But why should these screenings interest you? What can they do for you?


Benefits of Health Screenings:

It’s easy to recognize the benefits of improving our health, but where can we see the benefits of knowing what our health is currently?

Quantity vs. Quality

Everyone can stand in front of a mirror and access their perceived qualities as they relate to their health – muscle mass, estimated body fat, etc. But what you can’t see in the mirror is what’s going on inside. Health screenings help you to quantify your health, you can put true numbers to your health. Just because you appear “in shape” in the mirror doesn’t mean that your cholesterol might not be off. Screenings help you to better understand your overall health!

Focusing Your Goals

One of the top benefits of health screenings are their ability to help you set and refocus your wellness goals. When your goal is to prevent sickness or disease knowing your numbers can help you to determine what you should focus on improving. Health screenings can give you guideposts for prevention plans.

Benchmarks of Progress

Pairing knowledge with motivation always improves us for the better. When you are working to improve your wellness through exercise and a healthy diet, health screenings can be used to show the progress you are making. Seeing your numbers improve or remain at a healthy level can be excellent validation of your healthy lifestyle!

Keep in Mind

As a reminder, daily experiences can always affect your numbers so health screening shouldn’t serve  as an end all analysis of your overall health. (A little extra coffee can mean higher blood pressure than normal!) So use health screenings as guideposts not final assessments.

Interested in Knowing Your Numbers??

Our Adrian L. Shuford YMCA is hosting their Community Health Fair on March 20th! This is a FREE event! If you want a mammogram bring your insurance card!!

Here at the YMCA healthy living is a top priority! We want to serve you in any way we can so that you can stay on on track and continue your healthy lifestyle! And a big thank you to Frye Hospital for helping us to bring this health fair to the community!

Nat Auten

Nat Auten, YMCA of Catawba Valley President & CEO

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