Health and Wellness Programs


The Y does not offer cookie cutter ways to get healthy.  It offers health and wellness programs of all sorts in order to help people meet their goals.  At the Y, you can take advantage of many programs that already included in your membership.  Things like classes, coaching connection, swimming, weights, and cardio are already included at no additional cost.  If you need more help the Y does offer personal training to its members at a cost.  Health and wellness programs at the Y are about helping you reach your goals.  Each program is different but the end goal remains to help you achieve the results you came here to get.

The great thing at the Y is that we have health and wellness programs for everyone.  Each program is different so you can figure out what works for you.  You can tailor it to meet your particular needs.  If you need accountability we have classes with others to keep you motivated.  Maybe having a trainer to design workouts for you is what you need.  Some people just a need the equipment.  It all depends on each individual.  You have the ability to pick and choose what works for you.  You can take advantage of all or some of the services to find out what works for you.

Health and wellness programs at the Y include coaching connection, personal training, group exercise classes, water exercise classes, strength training, and swimming.  Each person needs to find out what programs work for you.  The best way to do that is to try them all out.  Take time doing each and then you can find out what works for you.  Not everyone enjoys everything, but do take time to give everything a try.  Also, be willing to mix it up.  Don’t always doing the same thing and you will be more motivated to come in and be consistent.

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