Have A Healthy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time to be with family, watch football, and enjoy a meal.  For some reason people think at Thanksgiving you should just eat and eat and eat.  The reality is that even though it is a holiday that centers around food you can still be healthy.  Make your goal this year to have a healthy Thanksgiving from start to finish.  Let’s look at ways to be healthy beginning the night before.

On the evening before Thanksgiving the Shuford Y is the place to be.  We want you to be healthy and one way to do that is to participate in the turkey burn.  The turkey burn is a 2 hour workout extravaganza that includes a variety of workouts.  You will get the chance to try different classes and exercises.

As for a healthy Thanksgiving day, there are many things you can do.  One thing you can do is to sub out some unhealthy options for some healthy ones.  For a soup you can always have butternut squash instead of french onion for a saving of over 200 calories.  When it comes to meat think about white meat over dark meat.  You still get to have your turkey but you get to do it in a healthy manner.  Dessert can always be tricky when you have cheesecake and pies so how to do you choose.  Many people love pecan pie.  The pecan pie is much less healthy than a pumpkin pie.  Remember no matter what you choose, choose to be healthy.

A healthy Thanksgiving is a great way to spend the holiday.  You don’t have to gain weight just because it is a holiday.  The goal is that you enjoy your day with your friends and family and at the same time get to enjoy a great meal.  Make this year be the year that it is a healthy holiday.

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