Give the Gift of Health

Every year millions of people are treated for chronic disease throughout the country.  They could have things like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and so much more.  This year you could help change that.  There are friends and neighbors you know that need to be healthy.  You can do that simply by purchasing a membership for them.  You could purchase memberships in 6 month or year long commitments.  This will allow the person to get on track and start being healthy.

At the Y, we provide many services to go with that gift of health.  One service is our coaching connection and it is included with every membership.  We are able to offer each person who joins a complimentary six sessions with a fitness coach.  This program is designed to be offered one time per week for six weeks.  Each session is a working session. Which means every session you will be working out.  This program will help find exercises and routines that you enjoy so you can mix up your workout and keep your body guessing.

Another offering with this gift of health is a personal touch at the Y.  The Y cares more about than you realize.  We want everyone in the community have a place they can go and belong and the Y is that place for people.  We have programs and services designed to help people of all ages and abilities.  You do not have to be fit to come into the Y.  You just need to have the will.  If you have the will we have the Y.

Make this year the year you and your friends get healthy or stay healthy.  Invite a friend to come in and try the Y.  We will are and ready to serve each and every person we can.  The goal is that no person in this community goes unserved for any reason.  If you will commit to being healthy, we will commit to making it possible this year.  Remember give the gift of health this year and change your community one person at a time.


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