Fitness – Leading A Fitness Lifestyle for Health Seekers


After being in the fitness lifestyle business for almost 20 years, I have seen a lot of health seekers come and go.  They start out with a bang then a child needs a ride to soccer, a job schedule gets changed, the common cold saps their energy for a few days, school is cancelled due to weather,  you name it and the excuses to stop working out start to mount.  It’s nothing intentional, barely even noticeable at first, then before you know it, you haven’t worked out in 2 months! How do I lead a fitness lifestyle for health seekers??

What if instead of letting life get in the way, you could find a way to incorporate your health & fitness routine into your fitness lifestyle.  Don’t beat it, JOIN IT!  Walk around the field at soccer practice, seriously look at how you could tweak your workout time, sit in the sauna or steam room if a cold has you down (it’ll keep you in the habit of walking through the doors), play in the snow with your children, the possibilities are endless and if you do have to miss a day…forgive and forget.  Tomorrow is another day!  Do NOT beat yourself up, it can be a challenge to lead a fitness lifestyle for a health seeker.

If maintaining a healthy diet is the issue, plan ahead!  When possible prepare your meals ahead of time to take with you  (yes I have taken my own meals into restaurants – a few funny looks but totally worth it).  Go online before going to dinner to see what healthy choices the restaurant has & decide then on your meal.  Add a calorie counting app to your smart phone.  A good dose of “number reality” goes a long way!  Be creative, make a game out of it.  And remember…it’s OK to detour every now & then.  Making several good choices can make room for an indulgent choice every once in a while.

Also remember, as a health seeker you don’t have to do this by yourself.  Lean on your friends and family.  Explain to them the importance of this health journey and ask for help when you need it.  Who knows, they may be looking to do the same thing but feel overwhelmed and discouraged.  OH!  and it’s OK to tell your Great Aunt GG that you wish to decline a piece of her world-famous cheesecake, who knows, she may  start baking a special low-calorie one just for you.

The point is.  Don’t stop trying.  Don’t let the business of life hinder your fitness lifestyle for a health seeker.

For more ideas and encouragement feel free to contact the staff at the Valley Connection YMCA, we’ve been in your shoes.



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