Fitness Frustration

Has your fitness routine left you with a bad case of Fitness Frustration? Are you bored? Not seeing results? Ready to quit? Or, maybe even all of the above? Lets talk about how to fix those fitness blahs and fix your fitness frustration.

  1. Mix It Up!

One of the biggest fitness mistakes we see is gym goers who think that a same day-same time-same exercise routine is their best bet. That is so not true. Shake things up a little, vary your workout. Take a group ex or aquatics class. Try some old school PE type exercises in the gymnasium. Find a workout partner and challenge each other.

  1. Take It Outside

The weather is fantastic right now, why not move your workout outside? Walk, Run, Jog, Sprint…or do all four. Stop half a lap and do some pushups or crunches. Find a park with an outdoor workout setup. Just keep moving and your fitness routine will be anything but routine. Not to mention the Vitamin D blast you get from some time in the sun.

  1. Sign Up For Coaching Connection

You have some of the greatest resources in the fitness business right at your finger tips…and it’s free to members. Talking to one of our Fitness Coaches (Personal Trainers) can give you a leg up on some of the newest fitness trends in the fitness industry, as well as some tried and true fitness tips. They can help you understand how to tailor your workout for your specific needs.

  1. Try Something New

I know, I know….Group Ex seems intimidating. Everyone is staring at you, right? Wrong! Everyone has the same fears and insecurities as you. I promise. Try a class. Don’t like it? Try a different one. The point is not everyone likes the same thing. Try something new.

Scared to try lifting weights. You’re a girl, don’t want your muscles to get too big, weights are for dudes? So not true! Weight training is a fantastic way to tone and keep your body burning fat long after your workout is over. Try something new.

No matter what you decide to try, just keeping things new and fresh in your workout routine is vital to your fitness success. Don’t give in to fitness frustration.

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