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The YMCA of Catawba Valley offers fitness for all ages. The Y offers fitness programs starting as young as 10 and going all the way through senior adults. Some of our offerings include a pool, group exercise classes, outdoor walking track, cardio machines, free weights, and weight machines. The great thing about the Y is that the Y is for all ages. You can look out in the cardio area and see a teenager walking on a treadmill while a senior is walking right next to them.

How we provide fitness for all ages

The Y demonstrates fitness for all ages by having classes for each age group and classes for specific age groups. This allows participants to work toward common goals. The classes truly show how different ages can come together to work on achieving a similar goal. How many other place do you go to where people of vastly different ages are working towards a common goal? As the Y, we believe anyone is cable of using the different offerings. You can be a fitness fanatic or never used a fitness center in your life. All you need to do is come in and give it a try. We have a fitness coaches on the wellness floor eager and ready and show you how to use the equipment on the floor. They can show how to use free weights, weight machines, or cardio. They will work with you through our coaching connection program. That program is designed to teach fitness for all ages. It is about exposing people to new and different kinds of workouts and is included in every membership at no additional cost. This way you can learn what you like and do not like when it comes to working out and this will allow you have a variety of workouts to keep you challenged and energized and come back and work out for years to come.

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