Fitness and Wellness


Everyday you hear people you the words fitness and wellness as if they are interchangeable.  In reality they are two different things.  One word focuses on just your physical health where as the other encompasses so much more.  The goal of one is to work on your outside and the goal of the other is to work on yourself from the inside out.  Let’s look at fitness and wellness.

Fitness is about physical health.  In fitness the focus is all on the physical nature of fitness.  The goal is be physically fit.  Fitness is measured in a number of ways.  One way to measure it is muscular strength or the ability to lift heavy weights.  Another way to measure it is cardiovascular strength.  That is how long you can do particular exercise before you need to rest.  You might increase those in different ways but both are considered fitness.

At the Y, we focus on wellness.  Wellness is about being healthy from the inside out.  It encompasses everything from spirit, mind, and body.  It looks at the whole person and not just part of the person.  The goal is to help each person grown in spirit, mind, and body.  The Y has programs such as yoga to help people develop their spirit and mind.  Of course it has programs that help the body as well from coaching connection, to classes, and free weights.

Fitness and wellness are not the same thing.  Remember at the Y we want people to grow in all three areas of spirit, mind, and body.  Each one has its own merits and is important for health.   We like to look at each piece as part of a triangle.  The goal is to have each one be equal.  Overall health is more important than just one part of health.  That is why at the Y we always talk about wellness and not just fitness.  We want you to be well in all 3 areas and not just one.

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