Find the Right Wellness Program


Every wellness program is not created equal.  The program could be perfect for you or not even close to what you need.  The idea is that you have to find a wellness program that works for you.  How do you find the right wellness program?

The first thing to think about when looking at a wellness program is regimen.  If you are first starting out you may think about a program that isn’t as stringent as others.  You may want a program that starts with working out two to three days per week as opposed to 5.  You may want a diet that encompasses all foods instead of cutting out food groups.  Remember that you aren’t going to get healthy overnight.  it is about lifestyle changes and those take time.  So ease in, rather than just going all out and quitting shortly after starting.

Another item to look at is time.  How much time is this going to take and how are you going to fit in your schedule.  If you choose a program that takes an hour or more for each session that is an hour you won’t be doing something else.  Do you have that much time in your schedule?  Maybe you only have a 30 minute window.  You want to make sure you are committing to something you can do and not something that is a burden.

The final area you want to look at in a wellness program is who can help you.  That person could a friend who offers accountability or a personal trainer to design workouts for you.  You are far more likely to stick with the program if someone is holding you accountable.  This doesn’t mean they put you down when it doesn’t go exactly right.  It means they pick you up and help you get back on  track.

The next time you think about a wellness program, think about regiment, time, and who can help.  All those things will help you find the right program for you.  Just because your friend’s program is different does not mean you are not in the right program.  Every wellness journey begins with small steps and can end with big results if you think about making consistent decisions everyday and not just try to do everything to get fit in a week.

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