Families at the Y


Families at the Y are able to do be more and do more than ever before.  At the Y, we pride ourselves on being able to serve the whole family.  We can serve children as young at 8 weeks and have activities for everyone through senior adults.  The goal is that the Y serves the family from cradle to grave.

Starting while infants the Y offers full day childcare services in a licensed 4 star facility.  The program serves children of all backgrounds.  The goal is for children to have a fun safe place to be to learn, grow, and thrive.  As a member, families at the Y can also take advantage of child watch which is included in your membership dues at no additional cost.  Child watch is program for parents to be able to workout and have a place for their child.  The Y offers this program at designated times Monday through Saturday.

As children get older they can workout with a parent if they go through our kid fit program.  This program that is included in your membership teaches children how to workout out safely and properly.  The program starts at age 10.  It is a graduated a program so that as children get older they can use more equipment.  It starts with cardio only then goes on to using weight machines and finally free weights.

As adults and older adults you have the opportunity to take group exercise classes on land or in water.  You can also take part in bridge, shag, or quilting at the Y.  The Y also offers adults the chance to personal train with a certified personal trainer to help you meet your wellness goals.

The Y truly has opportunities for the whole family.  The family can choose to do things together or separate.  They can workout together, swim together, or shoot hoops together.  Families at the Y also can each do different things and all be at the Y together.  The great thing is that each member of the family can do what they enjoy.  The family could have a child in child watch, one swimming, one working out on their own, and one in a group exercise class.  They great thing about the Y is that it truly has something for everyone.

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