Exercising at the Y


People walk into the Y everyday to exercise.  Exercising is just one service the Y offers.  At the Y, we offer much more than just the chance to exercise.  We offer the chance to be part of a collective cause that in strengthening our community.  It is our desire that when you come to the Y, we help you to reach your goals through exercising.  Everyone has a different goals and we want to make sure each one is reached.  We have a few things in place at the Y to help you reach your goals.

We have the coaching connection program.  That program is included in your membership at no additional cost.  In that program you meet with a wellness coach one time per week for 6 weeks.  The goal being that you build a routine of coming to the Y.  Also, when you are done you will have 6 different workouts you can bring to the Y and do.  The goal is that you find what you like to do and then you are in the routine of coming and doing it.

For those looking for bit more we have personal training.  If you need that extra push and motivation then personal training is right for you.  For a fee, you can have someone make a workout designed just for you.  Once they make the workout they push you through to help optimize your results.  You can have the trainer focus on certain areas or just an overall goal.

Exercise at the Y can be done on your own as well.  You can take a group exercise class or come and workout with friends or by yourself.  You have access to all the cardio equipment and weights in the fitness center.  You can also use the pool to swim or take water aerobics to help meet your goals.  It is our goal that every member reach their goals.

Exercising at the Y is all about reaching your goals.  Our goal is to help you reach yours.  If you need help reach out to a wellness coach today and they will help you get started.

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