Everything I know about working out…

Everything I know about working out…I learned in 80’s movies. Obviously we all remember the fashion, the headbands and leg warmers, but don’t miss out on the other messages hidden in the aqua net fog. Look past the big hair, campy jokes and that one guy who always wants to rock the striped tube socks and there are some important lessons swirled in between the chords of that feel-good, spirit lifting power ballad.

So here is why I say, Everything I know about working out…I learned in 80’s movies.


1. Stay Hydrated: We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water. But there are just as many benefits to being in the water. Water exercise or water aerobics are great ways to get in shape without putting strain on your joints. Taking your fitness program to the pool is fun, great for pregnant women and helpful when recovering from injuries.


2. When In Doubt, Dance it Out: Lets be honest. Who doesn’t love to dance? Mix up your fitness routine by adding a Zumba class, Barre class or line dance lesson. We all love to Move it, move it…why not do it for fitness? Check with your Y branch to find out all the different types of dance based group exercise classes offered.


3. Take Your Moves Outside: It’s spring and the weather is beautiful. Get out of the gym!! Take your moves to a park, hiking trail or ask your favorite group exercise instructor if they offer any outdoor classes. Play a sport or just walk, and let that beautiful sunshine boost those Vitamin D levels that the winter has depleted.


4. Guidance is Key: The two biggest struggles in your fitness path is guidance and motivation. Sign up for the Y’s Coaching Connection. Working with a trainer not only keeps you focused and motivated, but they also know the newest, coolest and most effective exercise trends. You can wax-on, wax-off every workout, but without the proper guidance and motivation you could just be spinning your wheels, Daniel-son.


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