Employee Wellness Starts with You


Every company wants to have a healthy thriving workforce.  It can limit the days employees are out due to sickness and help improve the bottom line by improving productivity.  With every choice an employee can choose to healthy or not.  Employee wellness is about every employee taking advantage of what is available to them and making better choices.

The choices can be simple things such as parking further from the building, packing a healthy lunch, or not drinking so.  No employee is going to go from unhealthy to super fit overnight.  Each person must begin their own wellness journey and understand that it is not quick fix but a long consistent battle of making the right choices day in and day out.  The choices you made yesterday help yesterday, and you have to be willing to make the right choices everyday.  Of course there are things that you can to help make better.

For one, you could join the Y.  The Y offers a multitude of programs and services and with many companies at a reduced cost for the employee.  At the Y, you can take classes, workout with a trainer, or do a routine you design.  It can encompass so many different forms of exercise it keeps you body guessing as to what is coming next.

Another tool many use are fitness apps that they download on their phone.  You can get an app to track you food.  It works best if you type in what you are about to eat before you eat that way you can see how many calories are in it and decide whether or not you want to eat it.  If you wait til you have consumed it then it will be too late to make that choice.

Employee wellness is a catching fire all throughout the country.  Every company wants healthy long lasting employees.  Using the Y and fitness apps are a great way to get started.  Every person is in charge of their own wellness.  Remember that employee wellness starts with you and you just have to make the first right choice and build on it.

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