Employee Wellness Programs


How important is an employee’s health?  Is it worth investing a small amount of money into so that employees are able to work more and produce more?  That is the question many employers are asking as they begin to enact employee wellness programs.  Employee wellness programs are designed to educate and promote healthy opportunities for employees.  No company can force their employees to make the right choices but they can give them information and give incentives to get people moving.

Do employee wellness programs really work?  Companies would not be investing in the health of their employees if they could not find a way to make up that cost.  The reality is that every time an employee calls out sick it costs the company money.  It also puts undue stress on the employees in that department to get more work done.  If employees were their doing their job everyday what would the bottom line look like?  Would there have to be as much overtime paid to cover quotas because someone is out?

As you consider employee wellness programs there are a few things to think about.  One thing to consider is partnerships.  Are there any partners locally or nationally that are willing to help with your program.  Also consider if others have a program that seems to be working for them.  If so, try to meet with them so they might be able help you get yours started.  Also think about how to get employees to buy into the programs.  For many companies, that means it needs to start with the top.  Every employee needs to be healthy and not just the production staff.  If they see supervisors taking part they are more likely to take part.  Another way to get employees on board is some type of incentive.  It does not need to be anything huge but rather something to get people started.

Employee wellness programs are catching fire all through the country.  Companies are seeing the benefits of them day in and day out.  As employees miss less time operating costs are lowering and the company is able to see an improved bottom line.  Don’t be the business that is struggling because your workforce is not healthy.

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