Do not forget to stretch!

We’ve all done it, have a great workout then skip the stretching portion.  You’re in a hurry, to tired or just forget.  But is this really smart?  Experts say no, it is not smart to skip this portion of your workout routine.  Do not forget to stretch!

In order to avoid injuries in the future you must incorporate stretching as a regular part of your fitness program.  Do not forget to stretch!  There are several other benefits to stretching listed below.

Lydia Di Francesco of Life Hacker has this to say:

1)  It improves flexibility.

2)  Lengthens tight muscles which will lead to better posture.

3)  It increases blood and nutrient supply to the muscles

4)  It can calm you mind and nerves

5)  It release tension and give the body a chance to recharge.

The people of Health Guidance add these advantages:

1)  It improves health development

2)  It increases your range of motion

3)  It reduces injury

4)  It warms you up

5)  Again…it improves posture.

As important as stretching is, it is equally important to know who to do it correctly.  Let’s hear Web MD’s advice.

1)  Do not stretch cold muscles – always warm up first.

2)  After your warm up do “dynamic” stretches ( slow, controlled movements)

3)  Consider YOGA

4)  After your workout do “static stretches” (stretches that are held)

5)  Learn stretches particular to your sport

6)  Never stretch to the point of pain

7)  Stretch to de-stress.

All of this is sound advice.  Ask a trainer or coach to show you some stretches that will work for you.  Make sure you understand the correct form and that you allow enough time in you fitness routine.  OH, and one last thing…Do not forget to stretch!


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