Disease Prevention at the Y


Disease prevention is a goal the Y continues to workout at everyday. The Y can not stop every disease but it can work to try and make each disease occur less often. Everyday people come to the Y to workout but what if they had come years earlier. Instead of waiting for a doctor to tell them they need to come to the Y. The Y helps disease prevention in 3 ways promote wellness, reduce risks, and reclaim health.

Promoting wellness is all about getting people to be more aware of the needs of exercise and then getting them to exercise. Many years ago exercise was not as popular as it is today. Nowadays wellness is all people can talk about. It is important for everyone to understand the benefits of exercise and how they might become more active. That is exactly what promoting wellness does.

The Y is all trying to reduce risks of chronic disease. Many chronic diseases stem from a lack of exercise and a poor diet. The goal is that each person would workout on a regular basis to help reduce their own risks. That is why the Y is open to all. Everyone should have access in order to help reduce the risks of developing a chronic disease.

The last part of the Y plan is to reclaim health. Reclaiming health is for those already suffering from chronic disease. It is never too late to begin exercising. The goal is that through exercise and diet the individual might be able to get healthy again. Just because someone is not healthy today does not mean they are not capable of getting healthy.

The Y’s goal is to make sure that each person gets healthy and stays healthy through disease prevention. If we educate people and help them develop the habits to improve their health then the Y can change the health of a nation. Just imagine what the world would look like if every year less people were diagnosed with a chronic disease instead of having that number increase every year.

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