Could the Y be a Wellness Spa?


What comes to mind when you think of a wellness spa?  For many it is the thought of massages, steams rooms, and saunas.  Some people even think of being able to get into a hot tub would be great and relaxing.  People also think that they have to go to expensive please just get those services.  The reality is that they are right here in Catawba County at the Y.

The Y has never been considered a wellness spa but it offers so much of the services that a spa would.  It has a steam room, sauna, and hot tub at no additional cost to your membership.  If you are looking for a place to relax then stop by the steam room.  The steam room has been recently updated and is a great place to sit and relax.  Our steam room is state of the art and always ready for people.  You don’t need to make an appointment just stop in.  The sauna is the same way.  You can show up and sit on the benches as your body releases the stresses of the days, weeks, or months.  For some a hot tub is the place to go.  The hot tub is kept at 105 degrees and is great for helping you muscles relax after a workout.  There must be so many high costs associate with those services.  In actuality, those services are all included in your membership at not additional cost to you.

Another wellness spa activity is a massage.  At the Y, we offer chair massages and massages where you are laying down on a table.  You can choose a specific area to be worked on or just a get a full body massage.  There is a small cost associated with it but you can feel the relaxation of a massage or have a chance to get a muscle worked on right here at the Y.

The Y has elements of a wellness spa.  If you haven’t stopped in and tried out all the amenities that are included in your membership you need to stop in today.  The steam room and sauna are opened from open to close each day.  The hot tub is open all day but closes a half hour before we close.  Massages are by appointment so stop in and get relaxed and refreshed today.

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