Corporate Wellness Programs


Corporate wellness programs are programs designed to educate and motivate to live a healthier lifestyle.  The reality is that the workforce is as unhealthy as it has ever been.  Workforces around the country are seeing people have to take extended time off due to chronic diseases which leaves the company wondering how to meet quotas and get the job done with less employees.  If companies invested in getting employees healthy through corporate wellness programs the savings for the company would be astounding.

Many corporations offer corporate wellness programs by partnering with the YMCA of Catawba Valley.  Companies can do that by working with the Y to get memberships for employees at a reduced cost.  Some employers are even paying for the membership if the employee is using the Y on a regular bases.  This incentive has led to more and more employees taking control of their health as opposed to settling for just being unhealthy.

Another way companies get employees active is through using a program called FitKIK.  This program is deigned to get employees up and moving.  Each day employees put an actiped on their shoe.  The actiped then counts your steps through the day like a pedometer.  It can pick up steps in a variety of exercises beside walking like riding a bike or workout on an elliptical.  Within the program companies can set up challenges in order to get employees up and moving.  With every step an employee takes the employee is lowering the risk of getting chronic diseases.  To get started with FitKIK call the Y at 828-324-9622.  We can get you set up today!

Corporate wellness programs only work if it is pushed and employees buy in.  The way to do that is through getting top level management to get involved.  If employees see them using the the programs they are much more likely to join in.  The wellness of your workforce is too important not to invest in.  Call the Y today and starting getting your employees moving.

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