Change your fitness program

change-your-fitness-programWe’ve all been there.  You finally reach your dream goal of miles that you run, miles that you bike, pounds you lift, and BOOM you twist the wrong way, step on a rock, or trip and fall.  The doctor says, “I’m sorry, but you can no longer run or bike or lift (or play tennis or racquetball) whatever your exercise of choice may be. Don’t get discouraged! Change your fitness program.

Don’t give up!  There are dozens of other activities to chose from.  You simply have to be willing to think outside the box and refuse to take it lying down.  OH!  and talk with your doctor for his advice.  The point is that when injuries slow you down, don’t become a couch potato. Change your fitness program.

At the Valley Connection YMCA we have had several of our members experience this.  Hear how they dealt with it. You too can…Change your fitness program.

1.  I had been playing racquetball steadily for several years.  One day…my body turned, my knee didn’t.  That was it.  I had just bought all new equipment and had managed to introduce the game to a few friends.  All I could think of was, “what now”?  I knew I didn’t want to digress in my healthy living, so I started lifting weights and eventually riding the stationary bike.  It takes me longer to burn the same amount of calories and get my heart rate up, but at least I’m moving!

2.  Unfortunately I was one of those folks that would mask the pain in my knee.  “Run through the pain” I’d tell myself, “take some aspirin and stop whining”.  Well, I can see now I wasn’t doing myself any favors.  I am awaiting knee surgery.  I cried and was really depressed at first.  Running had become a real release for me and I had finally gotten to the mileage I had been striving for.  I even had one of those “runner girl” stickers on my car.  After talking with friends and of course my doctor I know now that there will be other exercises that I can set new goals in.  I need to put more energy into making sure I eat healthy instead of physical achievements for the time being.  I may even take up swimming!

3.  So I’m in my mid 40’s, still feeling really good about the amount of weights I’m lifting when RIP!, I tore the muscles in my shoulder.  Naturally I thought, “I’ll go home and alternate cold and hot, it’ll be fine in a few days”.  It wasn’t fine in a few days.  It took weeks to heal and even then it never felt as strong as it once did.  I had a fear of tearing it again and having to have surgery so I allowed myself a lot less weight but kept my routine the same.

Some times life just happens and you have to figure out how to change with it.  No matter your new workout choice, please don’t let it be to stop!  Change your fitness program.



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