At the Valley Y fitness means family


Meet Max.  A long time member of the Valley Connection YMCA, Max told us why he believes at the Valley Y fitness means family. His story begins long before the Valley Y was the Valley Y, in 1980 when our facility was owned by Nautilus Fitness. Like so many of our long time members, family brought him to fitness and family is what kept him committed to fitness, because to us fitness means family. Here is his story.

Max and his grand children

Max and his grand children

“My name is Max. I started coming to the Valley Connection Y before it even became the Y. I started working out in 1980 before the birth of my daughter. I figured if I was starting a family I needed to stay in shape and keep up, and boy way I right. Over the years, with 2 kids to chase, I have been able to stay in shape and up with whatever they could throw at me. Fortunately I am still able to do anything I feel like doing even at the age of 60. The Y purchased the Nautilus in the mid 90’s and my kids, my Dad and I continued to work out nearly every day. My children came regularly through high school and college. My Dad, after he retired, made the Y a regular part of his day.

I talked my Dad into joining in 1981, he was in his late 50’s and he worked out at the Y until he was 82. He came every day after he retired, spending a couple hours each day working out, enjoying the facility and visiting with long time friends. Coming to the Y was the joy of his life.

Over the years the Y has been a family affair for me. I have really enjoyed visiting with members and staff as well as working out. At the Valley Connection we seem to have always been fortunate to have wonderful people who work here. Many who have been at the Y through thick and thin since the beginning. They are all just like family to me. The ladies at the Welcome Center are always so kind and patient with me. I really enjoy talking to them, they always make you feel right at home.

I have developed many lasting friendships Because of the YMCA. Many of these people are stilling a part of my daily YMCA visit. I hope I can be like my Dad and make the Y a significant part of my days after retirement. It is my intention to make the YMCA a life long commitment. I believe it will help me to have a richer life, because for me at the Valley Y fitness means family.”

Come in and visit us and we will show you why at the Valley Y fitness means family.

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