7th Grade Initiative at The Hickory Foundation YMCA

At the Hickory Foundation YMCA, we want to encourage our youth to make responsible choices and live healthy lifestyles. All kids have enormous potential. We work every day to help children and teens set and achieve their personal and educational goals in settings where they can have a sense of belonging and feel comfortable exploring new interests and passions

Why 7th Grade?
As youth begin to face the many challenges of adolescence, they are more likely to begin distancing themselves from formal organizations, friends and family. It has been shown that 7th grade is the time period when young people are most likely to face growing exercise exposure to risk factors, which can lead to unhealthy or otherwise bad decisions and actions, These actions or behaviors can lead to things such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy, school delinquency, bullying and violence, and school drop-out. 

At the Hickory Foundation YMCA and the C.O. Miller Teen Center, we strive to offer these youth access to opportunities and programs which will maximize their personal potential.

It is our goal to help shape the youth of today into positive, active members of their communities as adults, which continued growth of character, skills, knowledge and experiences offered through our numerous programs programs and activities…led by caring staff and volunteers.

How to join?
-Bring a school I.D., report card, or roster along with a parent or legal guardian to the Hickory Foundation YMCA.
-Parent or guardian must complete and sign the 7th Grade Initiative registration form.
-7th grader will be able to immediately start using his/her membership. (Membership begins September 1, and runs for the current entire academic school year) 

What does membership include?
Use of the facilities, including:

– Fitness Center
-Climbing Tower
-C.O. Miller Teen Center
-Reduced Pricing on Special Program Costs
Special programs, classes and events geared specifically towards teenagers.

Upon completion of the 7th Grade Initiative application process, the FREE one-year membership will be awarded!


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